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March 2, 4 and 10

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The Virology Days are a series of formative talks organized by eusBIOTEK and given by Dr. Nicola G. A. Abrescia that aim to provide useful knowledge about the world of virology. The talks are divided into three sessions that are updated and renewed annually. In these sessions, attendees will learn different concepts related to viruses and their different applications in areas such as research and biomedicine.



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UPV/EHU Faculty of Science and Technology

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You will get 0.5 credits

Dr. Nicola G. A. Abrescia

El Dr. Nicola G. A. Abrescia is currently the director of the Laboratory of Viruses Cell Structure and Biology at the CIC bioGUNE.

Graduated in Physics, he obtained a PhD in Science in 2001 from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.