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Why be a member?

As a member of eusBIOTEK, eusBIOTEK, you would be able to actively participate in any of the activities we organize. If you are interested in scientific divulgation and improvement of the situation of scientists ein Spain, this is your Association

In addition to that, you will enjoy a series of advantages that you could not otherwise obtain:

1. To be able to attend all assemblies and meetings

In this way, you would be able to specify your opinion on the activities carried out, as well as give an opinion on any topic related to Science, and especially Biotechnology, in Spain.

2. Discount on all our payment activities

You will get discounts on all our paid activities, some becoming completely free.

3. Access to the FEBiotec Employment Exchange

You will have access to all the job, doctoral and internship offers offered nationwide.

4. Discount on conferences organized by FEBiotec

You would be able to attend scientific conferences such as the BAC, BioNorth and INVINOTEC paying a reduced price for being a member.

You still don’t know the congresses organized by FEBiotec? Find out everything about them by clicking on the images!

Annual Congress of Biotechnology Zaragoza 2020
National Congress of Wine Biotechnology

 Meeting of Biotechnologists of Northern Spain

5. Be represented by FEBiotec nationwide

As a professional working in the biotechnology sector, FEBiotec will work to defend your interests before any public or private organization.

6. Expand your contact network

Being a member of eusBIOTEK gives you the opportunity to meet people related to the scientific field of any part of Spain. You never know where you will have to stay, take an intership or work in the future, so it doesn’t hurt to meet people from all places!

7. Discounts in entities that have an agreement in force with the FEBiotec

15% in tuition for training courses offered by Science4You

20% in Science4You products

10% in EPHOS training programs

20% in ALITER biotechnology training programs

20% in IUCT specialization programs

10% in IUCT masters